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Seiko NZ

“I can’t speak more highly of KeyPay. If anyone were to ask me to recommend a payroll system, KeyPay would be the first name I’d mention! I hope it’s around for a very long time.”

Seiko NZ

Seiko is an innovative watch manufacturer with stores across the world.

Auckland, New Zealand

Seiko is an innovative watch manufacturer with stores across the world. Bruce Weber, Finance Manager responsible for New Zealand was in search of a reliable payroll and workforce management system to streamline processes for the New Zealand team. Bruce came across KeyPay NZ in 2019; we spoke to him about his experience so far.

Payroll before KeyPay

“We used Micropay, which is meant for larger organisations. I’m the Finance Manager and don’t have a lot of time to help the payroll team when there are issues; Micropay was good but way too complex for our New Zealand payroll requirements. We wanted a payroll system that was easy to understand but have all the features of larger systems.”

KeyPay in use

“KeyPay is the dream platform. We set up the chart of accounts and payroll easily and got started.

The NZ team is a mixture of staff: full-time, permanent, staff on timesheets; in the admin team, sales team and warehouse. Leave and timesheets are now processed through the portal or the employee mobile app WorkZone. It takes away all of the data input and opportunities for error we had before.”

Accurate Holidays Act (2003) compliance

“KeyPay manages leave calculations really well and has a well-constructed report that assists in calculating our leave provisions.”

Time & cost savings

“We moved from an onsite payroll application and as KeyPay is a cloud app this removed the risk of managing our own infrastructure. We looked at other cloud-based payroll systems but their costs were substantially higher than KeyPay. We’re saving on costs and we’re also saving on a lot of admin time. We get the payroll done in 20 minutes. I’m a loud advocate for KeyPay.”

Favourite KeyPay features

“I love how KeyPay works. I really like that you generate the payroll, and you can work on each transaction within the record of that person. You are seeing the transparency of the calculations and if they’ve been paid correctly. It’s logical and intuitive.

We have our own accounting system so we have a CSV file we can export easily from KeyPay and into our platform to get the journals over. Being an accountant, if I could design a payroll system, it would be KeyPay. It’s very well thought out and well structured.”

The support experience

“We’ve had only one issue with KeyPay and the great thing was that I told the support team and they fixed it straight away. I rarely need to use support because it’s so intuitive. Everything is pretty clear on the screen. With KeyPay, I have confidence the staff are being paid correctly.”

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