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Online Disability Platform

“KeyPay is seamless. It works in the background. What was key to us is that our employees didn’t know we were using KeyPay. It’s completely independent and great for us. The KeyPay platform is innovative, and the team are developing it constantly. Our integration was so easy.”

Online Disability Platform

An online platform for people with a disability to find and hire support workers who fit their needs and share their interests.

Sydney, Australia

Company Overview

An online platform for people with a disability to find and hire support workers who fit their needs and share their interests. The organisation has achieved rapid growth in the sector, growing from 300 support workers to 1,500 on the platform in 10 months. They have set their goal of becoming the number 1 online provider of support services in Australia. As an innovative, technology savvy platform, they developed their own booking system and employee portal to provide a platform that was in line with their company vision.


The team had been using an accounting software to manage their payroll, yet it wasn’t able to handle great numbers of employees and required manual data entry each time they ran a pay run. Their financial accountant was spending 2 days on payroll each fortnight, hindering their ability to scale. Furthermore, processing superannuation payments each quarter added an additional one week in manual work.

They were looking for a flexible payroll solution with an open API that would integrate with their existing booking system and allow them to scale quickly to support their rapid growth. Being largely timesheet based, they were determined to find a provider that could manage the approval process of thousands of timesheets each week and push that directly into payroll.  

How KeyPay helped

Open API

KeyPay’s open API meant the customer could integrate payroll into their existing booking system, ensuring approved timesheets and any employee data changes flowed directly into the pay run without manual intervention. “Employee payroll enquiries have decreased 10 fold now we’ve got KeyPay. Previously we’d get paper forms or photos of changes from people. Now they can do it on their own, and it’s all automated” said John, their financial accountant. What previously took two full days a fortnight is now a 30 minute process, allowing them to focus on growing the business rather than processing pays.


Super processing previously required the customer to manually correct mistakes, taking up a full work week. With KeyPay, they now process super payments in 15 minutes, freeing up time to focus on other value-added tasks.


The organisation uses the Support Centre for video guidance and instructions for some of their more complex queries. “We rarely contact the support team and instead use the Support Centre, but when we do need to contact support, the replies are quick, and effective solutions are given. I have only good things to say about KeyPay’s support team.”

Results summary

  • 16 hours reduced to 30 minutes for payroll each fortnight
  • 40 hours reduced to 15 minutes for super each quarter
  • 10 fold reduction in employee payroll enquiries

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