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The basic framework

The basics you’ll need to have in place to begin setting up a pay run accurately.

1.   Business settings
2.  Payment files     
     •  Uploading payment files
3.  CPF settings
4.  Create pay schedules
5.  Adding an employee

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Next steps

If you’ve completed the basics and have a more complicated payroll scenario, this section will walk you through maximising KeyPay’s features for a smooth process.

1.   Setting up deductions
2.  Setting up expenses
3.  Set up additional leave categories
4.  Set up locations
5.  Set up recurring pay run inclusions
6.  Journal services
7.  Setting up admin/restricted users

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Employee access

Everything you need that will make KeyPay accessible for employees.

1.   Employee portal settings
2.  Timesheet configuration
3.  Create employee rosters
4.  Clock Me In

Completed everything above?
You’re all set to move on to the final stage:

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Pay runs

All you need to cover for your pay run to be completed successfully.

1.  Entering current opening balances
2.  Create pay run
Finalise pay run
IRAS reporting
Generate payroll reports