OneStop Professional Services Pte Ltd focuses on delivering high quality professional services such as accounting, audit, tax and corporate advisory to Singapore and foreign clients. Since its inception in 2011, OneStop has become one of the fastest growing corporate services provider in Singapore.

We speak with Chairman of OneStop - John Ngan - on the benefits utilising technology has had on the firm and the importance of managing change effectively within a team in order to drive the business forward.

What do you prioritise as a business when serving clients?

Speed, quality and knowledge. We always pride ourselves on having an approachable attitude so that our clients can come to us for anything and we can build strong relationships.

What is the importance of being technology focused at this time?

For us, because we have employees working from different countries, we’re constantly looking at ways to utilise technology to improve our workflows and internal communications.

With the right technology in place you can also expand your business quicker. There is so much technology in the world, if you don’t keep learning you’ll be obsolete in the market.

How often do you review the softwares you use?

As a technology focused company, we use a lot of softwares in our day-to-day operations, so we’re constantly spending time researching new items in the market, testing it and seeing if it’s suitable for our needs.

What is the process like when you're looking to switch softwares? 

Usually we’ll have a pilot group to test the new software, before reviewing it against our current software and coming to a conclusion. We’ll then run it alongside our current software (parallel running) before transitioning to the new software if we’re happy to go ahead with it.

It can be a tough process because employees generally don’t like change. Which is why it’s important to consider how you’re communicating change within your organisation. For OneStop, having a pilot team to test new technology helps in creating advocates for a new software in the workplace, gradually influencing other employees to be receptive to it. 

Moreover, we always educate our staff that change should be welcomed otherwise we’ll be left obsolete. For instance, Singapore’s home grown brand Robinsons, Sportslink, and some other brands recently closed down as they weren’t quick to switch to online shopping options. It’s therefore very important to have a firm understanding of the market.

Is there anything you value from the relationship you have with partners?

We value working with partners that are good at following up with clients that we have referred over to them. We always like to work with partners that help to strengthen our business.

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