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Ready for Opportunities - 4 ways to excel in Singapore’s digital economy

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Automated features that save time

Download this infographic to identify manual tasks across payroll and accounting that you can automate to give you more time in the day.

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Partnerships that increase your brand’s prominence

Discover traditional and creative partnership avenues you can explore with your business to enhance the customer experience and reach new markets.

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Traits of a globally agile tech stack

Identify key functions in software that enable you to service and manage a client across multiple regions efficiently.

Industry insights

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Tackling digitalisation successfully

Vice President of Strategies, Development and Digitalisation at ASME - Yuit Ang shares how SMEs can thrive in the digital economy.

Matthew Phua and Bryan Zhao, Founders of Harvest Accounting

Using cloud technology to achieve accounting excellence

Matthew Phua and Bryan Zhao, Founders of Harvest Accounting, discuss the innovative mindset that has led to their success.

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The future of business - Why it pays to invest in digital tools

Kiana Maggiolo, Co-founder and Head of Business Development at BlueMeg on the appeal of Singapore and the future for businesses.

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The future of payroll

Vina Toh, Director of PayrollServe shares how automation can positively shape the payroll industry and why collaboration is key.

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Creative marketing strategies to grow your accounting firm

Managing Director of ForBis Accounting - Willy Tan - shares the marketing strategies that helped to push their business forward.

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The importance of change management with new technology

Chairman of OneStop - John Ngan - on utilising change management to influence receptiveness to new technology within the company.

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